A breakthrough in plasma confinement, heating, and current drive enables more compact, affordable fusion reactor visions than previously possible.


Our patented technology of Imposed-Dynamo Current Drive (IDCD) efficiently forms and sustains compact, magnetically confined fusion plasmas. 


This approach toward magnetic fusion energy was pioneered at the University of Washington by the HIT-SI Research Group.




Non-axisymmetric, fully inductive magnetic helicity injectors form and sustain compact, magnetized plasmas with IDCD.


Our plasma driver technology can operate continuously with multiple helicity injectors phased appropriately in time.


Plasma performance is optimized using advanced feedback control methods. 


The elimination of electrodes, high power efficiency and dynamic plasma stabilization provides a favorable scaling towards fusion reactor conditions.




Deuterium-tritium (DT) fueled magnetic fusion reactors using our patented heating and current drive technology.


Molten-salt primary cycle coupled to an advanced Brayton secondary cycle. 


Low-cost, on-demand, carbon-free power generation with 100+ MW output with a small physical footprint.


Operational flexibility to fulfill varied customer needs.


Proactive regulatory engagement to expedite licensing and commercial deployment.  

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